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With a formal back ground in construction and 15 years of working experience, growing up in my grandmothers produce market tending the flowers and my long running love of cannabis I decided I was the perfect person to build grow rooms for Medical Marijuana patients.

I founded Grow-A-Room with the idea that I would help people grow their own medication from the ground up. I want to make you your own caregiver.

Being your own caregiver means that you are doing your own gardening. That is very therapeutic both mentally and physically. Being your own caregiver means never having to buy medication at an  inflated price.  If you have the space and the ability, paying someone to grow for you seems like a waste of money. Being your own caregiver means you know what, if any chemicals are being used on your medication from fertilizers to pesticides. Gardening should give you happiness, food, medication and peace of mind.

Some people are in so much physical pain that waking up and getting out of bed is the worst part of the day. Tending to a garden would be to physically demanding.  Those are the people who would benefit most from having a caregiver.

I realized as I was building a grow room for my first client that this company had to be so much more than just a construction company. The problems that people will face are so much more that just getting a room built from the ground up.  Grow-A-Room can help with building, growing, consulting, counseling you and your support staff and so much more.

I have found many good people in my travels and I’m bringing them together to better server the Medical Marijuana community.

I’m not just a builder I’m an advocate and it is my firm belief that this is a good thing. A gift from God.

If you need a grow room I’ll build you one. If your having a problem with your plants we will help you find a solution.  If we can’t help you we will find some one who can. That is my promise to the Michigan Medical Marijuana community.

Grow-A-Room was formed so that Michigan Medical Marijuana Card Holders can safely and efficiently grow their own medication.

How can we help?

  • FREE project estimation
  • Project design
  • Material delivery
  • Custom framing, doors, trim and flooring
  • Surveillance and security system design and installation
  • Heating/AC design and installation
  • Drywall and paint
  • Lighting, CO2, carbon filter and hydroponic grow system design and installation
  • Timer and computer integration
  • On site customer support
  • Customer phone support


Construction and Consulting




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